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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Aim to drink .5-1oz of water per lb of body weight (200lbs=100ozs). During the warmer summer months, even at rest, we lose more water through evaporation on our skin and through our breath. If you are moving around and being active, it’s even more dramatic. While it’s true that you can survive on much less water than what we are recommending, do you really just want to survive? In order to thrive, you need to make sure your body is topped off.

Also consider supplementing your water with a healthy electrolyte supplement. When you sweat, you aren’t losing just water. If you want to be most effectively hydrated, you need to replace the lost electrolytes as well. Nearly every system of your body relies on the proper balance of electrolytes and water to function properly.

Another easy tip to staying hydrated is to put a glass of water by your bed at night and then drink it when you wake up. You’ve just gone 8 hours without water (you are getting your full 8 hours of sleep, right? NO? Well, don’t worry, we’ll discuss that in one of the next tips). Part of my morning routine has been to drink a glass of water as soon as I sit up in bed, before I even stand up. Not only does this give you a jump start on drinking your daily goal of water, but it also helps rinse off the grogginess and get you a little perked up first thing.

So, go buy yourself a new, fun water bottle, fill it up and start hydrating. Your body will thank you with more energy, softer more flexible muscles, and better overall health.

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