.Wednesday’s @ 5pm
Yoga for Healthy Backs

Much of yoga focuses on the health of the spine. This class hones in on that as we strengthen the spinal muscles, tone the core and explore postures which lengthen the spine. It is great for those with back discomfort, but welcomes anyone wanting to focus on the health of their spine.

Thursday’s @ 11am
Yoga for Mobility & Posture 

In this class we will loosen muscles of the body by doing simple movements and postures. Feeling tight? Restricted? Sore? Increase mobility and create space with these gentle sequences. If you’ve had a long week sitting at your desk or in traffic, chances are your posture is suffering. Here we focus on opening shoulders, loosening tight neck muscles, and strengthening the spinal muscles for a healthy posture. All levels are welcome.

*All classes are for all levels. No previous yoga experience required.