Initial Exam and Consultation

-A complete and comprehensive 30 minute exam is initiated.

-Discussion of any symptoms, injuries, health issues, or wellness goals you may have.

-A variety of tests will be performed to ensure a proper diagnosis.

Follow Up Appointment
Our doctors will review their findings and present a treatment plan with you based on those findings.
They will also be able to answer any additional questions you may have about Chiropractic care.

What to Expect After an Adjustment

-Relief. Many patients experience immediate relief from pain or discomfort, and others take a few treatments to experience this relief. Many Chiropractic patients describe their feeling after being adjusted as “warm,” “loose,” or “relaxed.”

-Patients may experience soreness after the initial week of treatment due to the body adjusting to the correct spinal alignment. It is similar to exercise. If you start up a new regimen, you are typically sore after the first week of training.

Returning to Activity

During the healing phase of treatment, your body is more vulnerable to injury, so its best to take it easy until your doctor has given the go ahead to get back to you activities of daily living. 
Often when patients leave the office after an adjustment, they feel wonderful and forget about the injury which has been bothering them for months to years. This wonderful feeling may give you the false feeling you are healed and you may go back to risky activities. This may only to lead to worsening of symptoms or further injury.
 After your chiropractic treatment, it is very important you follow your doctors advice because his number one goal is to get you healthy without the constraints of pain.

Soreness After Your Treatment

Soreness is completely normal after a chiropractic adjustment. The soreness is due to the light stretch placed on the joint and the new corrected juxtaposition of the joint. The soreness felt is analogous to the feeling you get after you haven’t exercised for an extended period of time. If your joint is malpositioned (a subluxation), the body has to readapt to the corrected position. The feeling of soreness is typically not due to damage but rather the nervous system learning the joint’s new position in relation to your body. 
Typically, after a few adjustments by your chiropractor, most patients do not feel any soreness or discomfort, similar to when you are in a consistent exercise regimen and no longer feel the soreness because of adaptation. If you are concerned about your condition contact Chirobody as soon as possible.

Primary Services Offered at Chirobody Include:
Treatment of spinal or muscular dysfunctions causing pain or discomfort, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Joint Pain, Jaw Pain, Clicking, or Locking (TMJ), Scoliosis, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Headaches, Chiropractic Maintenance and Wellness Care, Rehabilitation, Specialized Care for Athletes, Pediatric Care and Pre/Post Natal Care

Chiropractic Care & Maintenance
The primary services Chirobody provides to patients are chiropractic care and management. Dr. Arreola uses the most up to date techniques of chiropractic adjusting and can tailor his adjusting techniques to meet individual needs. He often uses multiple varieties of soft tissue techniques in his practice. New patients will be evaluated during their initial exam for various spinal dysfunctions, injuries, imbalances, or other health concerns. Each patient has an individualized care plan to increase spinal and muscular functionality, maintain a healthy nervous system, increase quality of life, or to meet a variety of other specific wellness goals.

Rehabilitation services are offered to patients that have had an injury. Specific techniques are used to increase function to the body, increase muscle strength, and return the patient to normal activities of daily living. These techniques consist of exercise, stretching, and soft tissue work. Patients learn how to be proactive in protecting themselves from further injuries. 

Specialized Care for Athletes of All Types
Chirobody specializes in treating various types of athletes. For bodybuilders, figure competitors, and strong man competitors, Dr. Arreola writes specialized diets, provides Chiropractic adjustments to increase movement and functionality of muscles, and advises on proper technique to avoid injury. Dr Arreola also provides similar specialized services for athletes in other areas, depending on their specific needs. 

Pediatric Chiropractic
When it comes to the adjustment of an infant, it is very different than an adjustment of an adult that usually results in a “popping” sound. Instead, infants receive a light and gentle pressure to restore alignment and remove stress from the body. The pressure used on an infant can be compared to causing a tomato to dimple with a fingertip.

Pediatric care begins when the child is still in the womb with the mom getting checked for pelvic imbalances throughout her pregnancy by a chiropractor. This is a simple beginning to a child’s road to a healthy life. Throughout the developmental changes of childhood, children often experience many different stressors, whether it’s chemical, physical or emotional. Before the age of two, infants will experience hundreds of falls as they learn to sit, crawl and eventually walk. Having a child’s spine checked for alignment throughout every milestone is important to promote growth and development.

Pre and Post Natal Care
Expecting mothers, break the rules to a better birth. Optimize your comfort and be in control of your body and well-being throughout your journey to becoming a mother. Prepare and nurture your body along the wonderful path to motherhood. Seek care that’s specialized to your body and your needs. Musculoskeletal complaints of low back pain, mid back and neck tightness are all common complaints for pregnant mothers. A conservative approach, like chiropractic care can provide relief and give great comfort to the mother and child.