Meet our Yoga Instructor- Andrea McLaughlin



Andrea has been practicing yoga for about seven years. In 2014, a job relocated her from Detroit, Michigan to the Pacific Northwest, where she began to fall more deeply in love with yoga. She found that movement through yoga helped her with the transition physically, mentally and emotionally.

Andrea practices yoga daily and believes that with regular practice one can truly begin to feel the benefits on the inside and out. She teaches her students to use the breath as a guide, and encourages them to bring a deeper awareness to the sensations in their body. She believes that the body can be used as a communication tool, if we listen in to what it is telling us. Andrea brings strength, endurance, focus and balance to her classes through the yoga postures.

Some benefits of yoga include: increased flexibility, strength and endurance, self-awareness, mind-body balance, stress management, improved breathing, increased energy, cardiovascular health, protection from injury, improved athletic performance, better posture, boosts the immune system, lifts the mood, improves focus, aids sleep, helps digestion, eases pain and more.

One of Andrea’s goals is to create a class environment where everyone can feel welcome, no matter their background or skill level. Part of yoga is acceptance of ourselves and others as we are, without judgment or criticism.

Andrea is kind and compassionate, and has a sincere interest in helping others. Her warmth and joyful spirit make her classes meaningful and enjoyable for all. Yoga has inspired her to take her own health to the next level, and she carries this forward as she teaches her students.

When she is not on her yoga mat, Andrea enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and paddle boarding, loves to create healthy food in the kitchen and spends time volunteering at the animal shelter.

Andrea McLaughlin, 200 Hour RYT

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