Stop Smoking and Acupuncture

So you want to quit smoking.  Congratulations!  You’re starting yourself down the path to a much healthier you.  To help you down that path and to make failure a lot less likely,  I would ask that you consider 2 things first: What is your commitment and who are your helpers?


If you ask me if acupuncture can help you quit smoking, I would ask you why you want to quit.  The question isn’t so much to check your motivations as it is to see if you have any motivation.  Often, I hear things like…my spouse wants me to quit, my doctor recommends I quit or my insurance is offering me incentives if I quit.  You sow the seeds of failure right from the beginning if you don’t feel the need to quit and are only doing so for others.

But no, you say.  I really do want to quit, I want to be healthier.  Then, the next question is what is your plan.  To quit, you need to make a commitment to not smoke, at all, for at least 1 month.  It takes about a month to form a new habit and to clear the toxins produced from smoking.

That means that you should plan to avoid smoking buddies and anything else that encourages you to smoke.  Plan activities to do, that will replace the times you would have been smoking and seek out others to help you.


You will need help when you quit smoking.  People often smoke because it is either a social outlet or a stress reliever or both.  Knowing this, you need to find at least one good friend who is there to support you in your efforts.  Preferably, not your significant other, they’ve been nagging you to quit, so let’s not put the burden on them.  Also, during this month of commitment, it is a good time to seek professional help.

Get a gym membership, if you don’t have one, and hire a trainer.  Let them know about your commitment to quit smoking and be healthier.  Exercise is a great replacement activity and it helps to reduce anxiety.  Meditation is another way to reduce anxiety and strengthen your resolve to become healthier.  Acupuncture reduces craving for cigarettes and is a powerful way to relieve stress.  So put your support team together, make the commitment to quit and get started!  Once you get through the month you will be able to feel the burden that smoking has put on your body and you will be happy to free yourself from it.

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